Heroes of Barsaive

June 7th, 2013

After many undocumented adventures, the Company of the Rockethorse was vital to the assault on the Triumph, freeing central Barsaive from Theran control and shifting the tides of war.

The Hammer of Nemar Firewalker 2

The PCs continued on their quest to recreate the journeys of Nemar Firewalker, riding cloud rays and slaying a dark ogre twin.

Summit of the Trollmoots 3
May 6, 2012

The blood spilled by the battle against the rage-fueled Prokauw Tornflesh was enough to nearly free Death itself from its prison under Death’s Sea, but the Turbohorses stood against the terrifying prospect and prevailed.

Many trolls were slain, including the chieftain of the Thundersky moot, but many more were saved, and Death was prevented from walking the earth again.

Summit of the Trollmoots 1/The Hammer of Nemar Firewalker 1
March 25, 2012

The PCs are assigned to gather the trollmoots of the Twilight peaks to a military summit where they will (hopefully) unite against the Therans.

While in the mountains, Cro-Mag starts a spiritual journey recreating the pilgrimage of Nemar Firewalker in order to better understand his Hammer.

The Return of Aardelea 6

The Rocketsteeds were finally in sight of Barsaivian soil again after many months away, and their troubles were finally over… or were they?

The Cloudslicer was attacked by Iopan battle-skiffs, and despite a spirited defense, shot from the sky. The PCs, having bailed out via magic, ran into an Iopan foot patrol moments later, but were not much endangered.

Then, true to their name, they ventured forth the rest of the journey on magic horses. At one camp site a group of Theran air sailors attempted to abduct Aardelea back, causing her to manifest her strange draconic powers in anger to fight them off, and surely further traumatizing her.

However the PCs finally reached Icewing’s lair once more, turned over the girl, accepted a rare and powerful magic item as a reward, and promptly pawned it to buy something they wanted more.

The Return of Aardelea 5
February 19, 2012

Our heroes departed from the shored of Indrisia aboard the Cloud Slicer, the not-at-all-creepy little girl in tow.

However all was not well on the voyage! A saboteur poisoned the water casks, causing the ship to have to stop and re-provision in a dangerous mountain valley. Strange horrors and giant deadly parrots lurked within the lush vegetation.

Also there was a saboteur. After a strange aside involving convincing Captain Shedwyrth that the water was ruined by an “Indrisian corruption-snake” the PCs figured out which among the crew was a spy, but not before he leaped form the vessel, putting himself forever beyond the reach of their interrogation. As long as nobody had a level 6 ritual handy.

From the corpse the Turbohorses learned that the agent was in the employ of the ruling Denairista clan of Iopos, who apparently had their own sinister designs on Aardelea.

The Return of Aardelea 4
January 22nd, 2012

Having nearly killed the group of attackers as they sprang the ambush, the PCs cleaned up handily but were then faced with crossing the city once more under the threat of the Dhuna.

They evaded one group, but were caught by another (a six armed woman) while trying to work ritual magic to pass through the city wall. The power of the local religious Observances surrounded her with palpable force, and she lashed our with her many scimitars as well. However like so many who chose to oppose the Turbohorses, she too was slain.

The PCs’ departure from the city did not go unnoticed, however. On the way back to their airship they became aware that they were pursued by a mastrylith; a great war-pachyderm. Realizing they could not outrun such a creature, they turned and fought.

A wild melee ensued, in which the Turbohorses focused on the mastrylith’s crew; who rode atop it in a howdah. Much teleporting and grevious wounding later (with the mastrylith briefly bewitched to crush his own master beneath his feet), the pachyderm was unhurt and the crew entirely dead.

Without guidance, the great beast went on a general rampage. However, skillful manipulation, some trickster magic from Molokhai, and a convenient extradimensional portal allowed the party to depart the field without having to deal with the intimidating task of killing such a large creature.

The Return of Aardelea 3
January 8th, 2012

The intrepid Company of the T-Horses delved deeper into the secret Theran research lab, seeking to rescue the not-the-slightest-bit-creepy little-girl-with-mysterious-magical-powers. Beyond the trapped room, they found and dispatched a chain golem.

Past the chain golem they entered a foyer of sorts, dominated by a massive planar orrery. Riding the orrery about was a plane-scarred elementalist who attacked them, and used the power of the orrery to summon elemental creatures. These too were slain.

In the research facility proper (which seemed to have been evacuated) the Company found the little girl they sought, covered in blood, deep in shock, and surrounded by the corpses of guards who had been mauled by some sort of dragonlike creature. Not at all creepy.

The entire group departed, but were attacked by a group of elite Indrisian warriors, which was the worst idea the warriors had all day.

The Return of Aardelea 2
December 11th, 2011

The Company of the Turbohorses arrived at the great Indrisian city of Bullawy after their long and harrowing airship journey. They hoped to enter the city discreetly and find the secret entrance to the Theran research laboratory (hidden at the bottom of a stepwell in the Scribe’s Quarter).

However Bullawy was in the midst of a great festival marking the start of the rains, and discretion was very difficult. The PCs found it challenging simply to cross the city and find their destination due to the throngs of revellers and general chaos. They were accosted by street urchins, conscripted into religious ceremonies, and lost in twisting alleys. They needed to find their destination before dark, because at night the Dhuna stalk the streets punishing the wicked (and all foreigners are inherently wicked).

Just as darkness fell, the Turbohorses found their destination. Slipping down the passage, they encountered a large and elaborately trapped room. However Molokhai simply opened a rift in time and space to bypass it. Cro-Mag, strangely, chose to leap across the room in great bounds instead, but miraculously never landed anywhere to trigger the traps.

The Return of Aardelea 1
November 13th, 2011

The Turbohorses returned from their adventures in Prajjor’s field to report to Omasu. He seemed disappointed that they did not recover the blood for his own purposes, and did not offer the PCs further work.

Soon after, however, they were approached by Icewing’s mysterious retainer, Rathaan. He informed the party that Icewing had discovered Aardelea’s location, and had made preparations for them to mount a rescue operation. Icewing had hired an airship leaving from Syrtis to take the PCs to a secret Theran magical laboratory in far-off Indrisia.

Passing through Syrtis on the way to the ship, the PCs were ambushed by a beastmaster who seemed to be seeking the Standard of Glorious Battle. His animal companions were shrunk to small charms and grew at the start of battle, but were slain with great alacrity by the heroes. He lasted only slightly longer.

The Turbohorses then met up with their ship, the Cloud Slicer, and set off on their journey. During a storm they tried to assist the sailors, but despite their skills in hauling ropes and predicting the wind, they couldn’t keep their feet on the storm-tossed ship and were limited in the help they could provide.

Later in the journey, the PCs investigated a problem in the ship’s magazine, and discovered that one of the crew had been possessed by an Ultrodemon, and had in turn possessed several other crew members. They fought in very close quarters, and Molokhai and Petr were hindered by the need to avoid damaging the fire crystals stored here to load into the fire cannons. However, with great care, they managed to due considerable damage in the battle and not harm a single crystal.


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