Heroes of Barsaive

Summit of the Trollmoots 1/The Hammer of Nemar Firewalker 1

March 25, 2012

The PCs are assigned to gather the trollmoots of the Twilight peaks to a military summit where they will (hopefully) unite against the Therans.

While in the mountains, Cro-Mag starts a spiritual journey recreating the pilgrimage of Nemar Firewalker in order to better understand his Hammer.


Alan (DM): So [Nemar Firewalker’s] clan switched from worshipping Fistonius to Upandal.
Doc (Molokhai): So they told Fistonius to suck it, and verily he did suck it.

Alan (DM): I should establish, experiencing events this way is entirely incompatible with rocket horses.

Alan (DM): This is a wizard’s lab that you’ve borrowed to upgrade an item.
Doc (Molokhai): “Borrowed” as in he’s in a shallow grave just outside town?
Alan (DM): No! “Borrowed” as in “politely asked.”
János (Tuzigoot): You don’t know us at all.

Alan (DM): The first thing that alerts you that there may about to be violence-
János (Tuzigoot): Is we all walked into a room.
Doc (Molokhai): Is we’re all sitting around a table ready to game.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): (menacingly_) Go fish!
Doc (Molokhai): (_spellcasting noise

Doc (Molokhai): Well, you know wizards; they love to hang out in the rough part of town.

Gordon (Petr): Woo-hoo, I’m resistant to force today! That’s not going to be useful.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): You’re resistant to forests?
Gordon (Petr): Yeah, wood products are useless against me.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): We should head to Bloodwood.

Patrick (Cro-Mag): I walk over to him, I mark him, and then I second wind.

Gordon (Petr): We have Skyseeker, but they don’t…
Patrick (Cro-Mag): Validate parking.

Patrick (Cro-Mag): 48 vs AC.
Gordon (Petr): That’s a big number!
Patrick (Cro-Mag): Well, he is granting combat advantage.

Doc (Molokhai): I had a plan for what I would do before I was assaulted with massive volumes of exposition.

Doc (Molokhai): Guess what I’m going to do with him.
Alan (DM): I have no idea, but I’m going to guess it rhymes with “smidgens of bruin.”

Alan (DM): This encounter is just weird.
Doc (Molokhai): That’s why I cast visions of ruin.
Alan (DM): That’s not what’s making things weird.
Doc (Molokhai): No, it just keeps weird on the pile.

János (Tuzigoot): A vision of ruin to a creature like the Voice of the Storm would probably by sunny meadows covered in wildflowers.
Doc (Molokhai): Puppies made of candy. Gay marriage and single mothers as far as the eye can see.

Alan (DM): An ironmonger specifically goes around buying scrap iron to sell to smelters. They had carts and went around buying broken pots, back when people had cast-iron pots.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): But a fishmonger doesn’t go around buying scrap fish.
Alan (DM): That’s because an ironmonger and a fishmonger have different jobs.
János (Tuzigoot): Besides, a whoremonger doesn’t go around buying broken- oh, wait.

Alan (DM): Forging this weapon is easier the more magic you’re willing to put into it… If you make it as a +6 weapon, well, I guess Patrick can tank anything, but…

Doc (Molokhai): I can’t find the [Eberron quote] about genocide… I know, I bet it’s under “ethnic cleansing.”

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