Heroes of Barsaive

The Return of Aardelea 1

November 13th, 2011

The Turbohorses returned from their adventures in Prajjor’s field to report to Omasu. He seemed disappointed that they did not recover the blood for his own purposes, and did not offer the PCs further work.

Soon after, however, they were approached by Icewing’s mysterious retainer, Rathaan. He informed the party that Icewing had discovered Aardelea’s location, and had made preparations for them to mount a rescue operation. Icewing had hired an airship leaving from Syrtis to take the PCs to a secret Theran magical laboratory in far-off Indrisia.

Passing through Syrtis on the way to the ship, the PCs were ambushed by a beastmaster who seemed to be seeking the Standard of Glorious Battle. His animal companions were shrunk to small charms and grew at the start of battle, but were slain with great alacrity by the heroes. He lasted only slightly longer.

The Turbohorses then met up with their ship, the Cloud Slicer, and set off on their journey. During a storm they tried to assist the sailors, but despite their skills in hauling ropes and predicting the wind, they couldn’t keep their feet on the storm-tossed ship and were limited in the help they could provide.

Later in the journey, the PCs investigated a problem in the ship’s magazine, and discovered that one of the crew had been possessed by an Ultrodemon, and had in turn possessed several other crew members. They fought in very close quarters, and Molokhai and Petr were hindered by the need to avoid damaging the fire crystals stored here to load into the fire cannons. However, with great care, they managed to due considerable damage in the battle and not harm a single crystal.


Patrick (Cro-Mag): We didn’t want your stupid torc. We’re more interested in horsepower, anyway.

Alan (as Rathenn): The Keepers of Trust are stirring to action.
János (Tuzigoot): So a league of evil bankers?

Gordon (Petr): What do we need to know about falling off an airship?
János (Tuzigoot): Don’t do it.
Alan (DM): It’s a long way down.

Alan (DM): Then there’s a Horrid Bear, which dissolves you with acid while it bear hugs you.

Alan (DM): He’s Coldy McColdster from the clan Cold.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): Really? Those markings seem to indicate he’s from the clan Brr.

Alan (DM): The Felljaw’s up first.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): Bring it, Felchy.

Gordon (Petr): I Primordial Storm the Storm Crow.
Alan (DM): It really feels like they should resist that, doesn’t it? But they don’t.

Alan (DM): And a bolt of energy travels down the silk and deals you 15 points of lightning damage, most of which you resist, and giving you a -2 penalty to attack rolls, because, I guess, all of your hair is standing up, which, for [Tuzigoot], is a lot of hair.

Alan (DM): The Storm Crow is badly bloodied, as János was effectively throwing swords at it this round.

Patrick (Cro-Mag): I guess he had a glass jaw.
Alan (DM): You did 90 points of damage to him!

Alan (DM): Cro-Mag doesn’t eat with his hammer. He doesn’t hit the table with his hammer so the food flies up into his mouth.

Alan (DM): This ring is the Golden Ring of Teros.
Gordon (Petr): Terrance?

Alan (DM): There’s also a Creonna Jackalman on board. Jackalmen believe that if they slay an enemy in battle they have to eat the corpse in order for him to get to his fated afterlife.
Gordon (Petr): What’s his role on board? The cook?

Gordon (Petr): Is he a half Blood Elf?
Alan (DM): There are no half Blood Elves.
János (Tuzigoot): For very obvious and pointed reasons.

Alan (DM): I’ve realized I can’t use expressive language in this game without it coming across as sexual, so I’ve decided to simply embrace that. Embrace that and kiss it all over its body.

Alan (DM): 46 vs AC? He dies.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): But I want to tell you a big number!

The Return of Aardelea 1
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