Heroes of Barsaive

The Return of Aardelea 2

December 11th, 2011

The Company of the Turbohorses arrived at the great Indrisian city of Bullawy after their long and harrowing airship journey. They hoped to enter the city discreetly and find the secret entrance to the Theran research laboratory (hidden at the bottom of a stepwell in the Scribe’s Quarter).

However Bullawy was in the midst of a great festival marking the start of the rains, and discretion was very difficult. The PCs found it challenging simply to cross the city and find their destination due to the throngs of revellers and general chaos. They were accosted by street urchins, conscripted into religious ceremonies, and lost in twisting alleys. They needed to find their destination before dark, because at night the Dhuna stalk the streets punishing the wicked (and all foreigners are inherently wicked).

Just as darkness fell, the Turbohorses found their destination. Slipping down the passage, they encountered a large and elaborately trapped room. However Molokhai simply opened a rift in time and space to bypass it. Cro-Mag, strangely, chose to leap across the room in great bounds instead, but miraculously never landed anywhere to trigger the traps.


Gordon (Petr): We nuke it from orbit.
Alan (DM): You have no nukes and don’t know what orbit is.

Alan (DM): I should mention the Therans have lots of airships, so this whole presumption that you have things that fly and are therefore superior is significantly flawed. “We’ll drop heavy objects on them from above.” They have heavier things higher up. They’re the ones that nuke from orbit.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): Then we’ll scuttle their ships from below!

Alan (DM): Do any of you speak Theran?
Gordon (Petr): I used to.
Alan (DM): What do you mean you used to?
Gordon (Petr): I used to have a gem that allowed me to speak Theran.
Alan (DM): What happened to it?
Gordon (Petr): I think I sold it.
Alan (DM): Why would you sell that?
János (Tuzigoot): Well, we went to war with Thera and assumed we’d never need it again.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): It makes it easier to ignore their pleas for mercy.

Alan (DM): Those of you who are better educated can stammer out traveler-Theran. “Where is the bathroom?” “I can eat broken glass and it doesn’t hurt me.”

Alan (DM): You get a danger and an opportunity. You can either walk down a quiet alley with an apothecary, or get stuck in the middle of a gang fight.
János (Tuzigoot): Uhh, let’s think about this really carefully.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): I don’t know, do we need to level?

Patrick (Cro-Mag): We’ll do that on the way out.
Alan (DM): Yes, fleeing a secret lab having broken out a prisoner is so much more leisurely than breaking in.

The Return of Aardelea 2
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