Heroes of Barsaive

The Return of Aardelea 4

January 22nd, 2012

Having nearly killed the group of attackers as they sprang the ambush, the PCs cleaned up handily but were then faced with crossing the city once more under the threat of the Dhuna.

They evaded one group, but were caught by another (a six armed woman) while trying to work ritual magic to pass through the city wall. The power of the local religious Observances surrounded her with palpable force, and she lashed our with her many scimitars as well. However like so many who chose to oppose the Turbohorses, she too was slain.

The PCs’ departure from the city did not go unnoticed, however. On the way back to their airship they became aware that they were pursued by a mastrylith; a great war-pachyderm. Realizing they could not outrun such a creature, they turned and fought.

A wild melee ensued, in which the Turbohorses focused on the mastrylith’s crew; who rode atop it in a howdah. Much teleporting and grevious wounding later (with the mastrylith briefly bewitched to crush his own master beneath his feet), the pachyderm was unhurt and the crew entirely dead.

Without guidance, the great beast went on a general rampage. However, skillful manipulation, some trickster magic from Molokhai, and a convenient extradimensional portal allowed the party to depart the field without having to deal with the intimidating task of killing such a large creature.


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