Heroes of Barsaive

The Return of Aardelea 5

February 19, 2012

Our heroes departed from the shored of Indrisia aboard the Cloud Slicer, the not-at-all-creepy little girl in tow.

However all was not well on the voyage! A saboteur poisoned the water casks, causing the ship to have to stop and re-provision in a dangerous mountain valley. Strange horrors and giant deadly parrots lurked within the lush vegetation.

Also there was a saboteur. After a strange aside involving convincing Captain Shedwyrth that the water was ruined by an “Indrisian corruption-snake” the PCs figured out which among the crew was a spy, but not before he leaped form the vessel, putting himself forever beyond the reach of their interrogation. As long as nobody had a level 6 ritual handy.

From the corpse the Turbohorses learned that the agent was in the employ of the ruling Denairista clan of Iopos, who apparently had their own sinister designs on Aardelea.


Alan (DM): There, that’s a good map of somewhere you don’t know you’re going yet.

Doc (Molokhai): Those guards died in so many ways.
Alan (DM): Two of them got away!
János (Tuzigoot): Simply adding to the variety of their ultimate demises.
Alan (DM): This one will die forty years from now in bed with his loving wife.
Doc (Molokhai): The other one will die in two years from testicular cancer.
Alan (DM): The rest of them exploded. Actually, Doc, you magic missiled one while he was trying to swim away.

Alan (DM): You’re slowly beating your way up the coast. You have a lot of downtime-
János (Tuzigoot): Hence our “beating” up the coast.
Alan (DM): You tack downwind and beat into the wind.
János (Tuzigoot): Don’t beat into the wind.

Alan (DM): So if you don’t have any particular plans-
János (Tuzigoot): Scrimshaw; lots of scrimshaw.

Gordon (Petr): I didn’t think of us as bad people, but when Alan tells it we sound really bad.
Doc (Molokhai): You can’t make omelets without committing genocide.

Gordon (Petr): Where were we before I started being stupid?
Doc (Molokhai): A couple of years ago we were starting an Earthdawn game…

Gordon (Petr): The villagers went back to Honto?
Alan (DM): They were going to rebuild. They have the technology. Which is to stack rocks on top of each other… and thatch things.

Doc (Molokhai): I have to point out that it took us until epic level before not having enough fresh water was ever an issue.

Alan (DM): The last [dire parrot] hops off into the ferns.
Doc (Molokhai): I magic missile it.
Gordon (Petr): You’re such a dick! They’re an endangered species!
Doc (Molokhai): They are now.

Gordon (Petr): Should we rotate the map 90 degrees and use it again?

Alan (DM): After a few more minutes you come to a burbling brook.
Gordon (Petr): We test to see if it’s poisoned by drinking from it.

Patrick (Cro-Mag): 39 Nature check to see if the water is safe.
Alan (DM): It doesn’t seem unusually poisonous.

Alan (DM): Unfortunately you don’t have a way to carry back several hundred pounds of it.
Patrick (Cro-Mag): How much water can we carry back in our bladders?

Patrick (Cro-Mag): You know why there aren’t any dire animals anymore?
Alan (DM): Because they’re too delicious.

Doc (Molokhai): I’d like to point out that “Turbohorse” would be a much better first album than name.

Alan (DM): You take 53 points of damage.
Doc (Molokhai): I’m not bloodied… by one hit point.

Alan (DM): 32 damage.
Doc (Molokhai): Well, I’m bloodied now, because that’s more than 1.

Doc (Molokhai): Can’t there be some sort of liminal apocalyptic state, which Earthdawn clearly is?

Patrick (Cro-Mag): Can we ask Aardalea, since she can see things where she wasn’t present?
Alan (DM): Aardelea says she wasn’t looking then. She doesn’t like to look because it makes people scared. But, she adds, what you do in your cabin at night is wrong and shameful. Though she is curious about some of the anatomical curiosities.

János (Tuzigoot): I am confident that every D&D world has at least thirty people who claim to be “the Mistress of Shadows” at any given time.

Doc (Molokhai): I totally want to make one of my I’m-a-Viking checks.

The Return of Aardelea 5
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