Tuzigoot Keweenaw

Shifter Battle Cleric


Tuzigoot grew up in a small village of shifters nestled in deep forest between the Thunder and Dragon Mountains. There was only one book in the village, a copy of the Book of Tomorrow. Written by dwarves, it contains stories of the past before the Scourge and plans to rebuild afterwards; a repository of knowledge so the kaers would not forget. His parents brought it with them when they left a kaer just before Tuzigoot was born.

To the north, the Thunder Mountains boomed and cracked at the start of every dry season, whether a storm was above them or not. To the south, Tuzigoot could occasionally see the majestic form of Mountainshadow, the great dragon who gave the Dragon Mountains their name, soaring quietly above his domain.

The rivers of the region were too cold for t’skrang, but a few humans and elves lived along them. Ork tribes would occasionally come down from the Thunder Mountains and raid these villages, but Tuzigoot’s people had reached an accord and traded peacefully, if warily.

With little contact with the outside world, the Book of Tomorrow is what drove Tuzigoot to learn to read Throalic and fueled his curiosity of the outside world. He learned of the Passions from the villagers and the book, but never felt a deep connection to them. Then one day, while seeking wood to construct a new cabin, Jaspree appeared to Tuzigoot with the torso of a powerful shifter and the lower body of a deer. Jaspree explained the need to preserve the living forest, and showed him a better tree to take back to camp. Ever since then, Tuzigoot has striven to meet the ideals that Jaspree explained that day.

Not too long ago, Tuzigoot chose to leave his village, to see the world described in the Book of Tomorrow and discover what he can of how to slay the Horrors, who would fell every forest in the world. He has been somewhat disappointed in his endeavour thus far, finding that the ideals laid out in the book are rarely implemented in the real world. Tuzigoot has decided to travel to the ruined city of Parlainth, the old capital city of the district, where Horrors still lie. In the t’skrang city of K’tenshin, he met several other adventurers seeking passage, and together have signed on as riverboat crewmen to make the long journey northeast.

Tuzigoot Keweenaw

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