Heroes of Barsaive

The Blood of Thystonius 2
October 16, 2011

The Company of the Turbohorses continued to search Prajjor’s Field for the Blood of Thystonius, in the hopes of preventing it from being used for nefarious purposes. Their next encounter was with a Horror known as a Torment Swarm, a mass of worms that feed off of pain and agony. These worms were dangerous, but the powerful blasts and bursts of the magicians in the party ripped through them.

Finally the PCs came upon a place on the battlefield where the blood was still wet, despite the time since the battle. However a Questor of Raggok and her band of villains were already there. She was accompanied by a Blood Elf nethermancer with a gaggle of zombies, and a band of Orks led by a Steeltooth. The blood on the ground here had magical properties granted by its proximity to Thystonius’s, and if found, his blood would have greater powers still.

Battle was joined once again. The Company fared well, slaying most of the Orks quite quickly, and working through the zombies (who had an annoying habit of standing up after being dropped). Cro-Mag got a little over-committed, and was stunned by the nethermancer and assaulted by the Questor, but his vast ability to absorb punishment served him well.

Just as things seemed to be breaking decisively in the PCs’ favor, the nethermancer re-raised the zombie corpses and raised the Orks anew as zombies. This new zombie horde swarmed Molokhai and brought him down, though they were killed (for the third or fourth time) shortly thereafter. After that it was just a matter of time to finish off the remaining dark forces.

Upon the conclusion of the battle, the Company was approached by a dark-skinned man accompanied literally by a shining host of angels. He identified himself as Kehinde, a Questor of Thystonius, and said he had come to purge the blood from the earth so that none may work mortal magics upon it. The PCs agreed.

The Blood of Thystonius 1
October 2, 2011

After returning from the Badlands, the Company of the Turbohorses decided to try to locate the leader of the Liferock Rebellion they learned of from the Blackheart goliath clan. They found Omasu in the city of V’strimon, and he had urgent business.

Rumor had it that some weeks before, in the Battle of Prajjor’s Field between Theran and Throalic forces, Thystonius himself had taken the field. This is not so unusual for the Passion of battle. However, more recent tales imply that the Passion was actually wounded in the battle and bled upon the ground. The magical powers of such blood would have great potential, and Omasu had become aware of dark forces that sought to use it to control the Passion himself.

In need of heroes to intercept these forces as swiftly as possible, he turned to the PCs. Obligingly they rocketed through the sky on glowing horses to the site of the battle. There they encountered multiple groups seeking the blood, as well as some of the Horrors drawn by the agony of combat.

First they crossed paths with a group of rakshasa, dark creatures from the deepest of the nether-realms, but not Horrors. Molokhai’s clever magics managed to isolate one of them while the PCs dealt with the others, but even without being able to bring their forces to bear together, they were formidable foes.

Then the Turbohorses were attacked by a mind flayer and his group of thralls (a flaming girallon, a leech walker, and a yuan-ti abomination). These were dealt with rather more easily, and the PCs continued their search of the battlefield.

Killing *is* Negotiation
September 18, 2011

The PCs searched the Badlands for the lair of Harjarlifax, Artificer of Dooms. Coming across a likely cave, they quickly determined that it was inhabited by Fomorians, not Harjarlifax. Almost as quickly they slew the Fomorians, though one fled into the twisty canyons and escaped.

Deeper into the Badlands, the PCs encountered signs of Harjarlifax when they were attacked by a steel predator and several walking suits of armor. The predator was rendered ineffective by a concentrated attack from the party, and the walking armors never posed much of a threat.

Shortly thereafter the PCs found Harjarlifax (artificer of dooms) at his proper lair. First they attempted to ply him with words, convincing him that writing a new contract was a good idea. When that failed, violence ensued. The Sword of Dooms that Harjarlifax wielded dealt a grievous wound to Petr in the first moments of battle, even when mitigated by his power of Narrow Escape. However this auspicious start for Harjarlifax did not continue, as he was quickly battered by a fury of attacks from the party, and shortly found himself prone, stunned, slowed, and surrounded by poison gas.

Harjarlifax thought this an ideal time to reconsider negotiating, but the Turbohorses pressed the attack. A few short moments later and Harjarlifax was bloodied from the battle and still threatened by the gas, but had landed another vicious wound to Tuzigoot, who had no magic to cushion the blow.

Negotiations then resumed, and fearing for his safety if the fight continued, Harjarlifax agreed to prepare a new contract and further enhance the blade. He presented a contract full of pitfalls and tricks that would leave the Wailer as much a tool of the Horror as the Turbohorses’. With inspired brilliance, Petr’s glib tongue and diplomatic reasoning and Molokhai’s knowledge of ancient precedent and arcane power allowed the PCs to amend the contract to avoid every one of these and advance the power of the blade until it was very nearly the best that Harjarlifax was capable of making.

With the deal signed in blood and the tears of a small child (nobody asked Petr where he got them from), and both parties prevented from harming the other, the PCs left for their next adventure.

Betrayal 3
September 4, 2011

The Company of the Turbohorses stood face to face with the ghostly apparition of Termize, also known as Flametalon, the Great Dragon slain in the Inferno that ended the wars between Landis and Cara Fahd.

The adventurers believed that they could get what the needed from the dragon’s ghost by trying to reason with it, which they did. While attempting to convince it that it had died long ago and was a ghost, it expressed its rage and discomfort by lashing out, wounding several of the party. But the PCs stood firm in their efforts to talk the dragon down, and eventually they caused a breakthrough and the ghost faded from sight.

Searching the compound, the PCs determined two things. First, the Ork Heroes in Moschtug’s tale had never been here. Second, Peacetoucher (who Moschtug claimed as an ancestor) entered a convent to live a life of quiet seclusion around the time of the Inferno. They passed this evidence on to Krathis Gron’s agent in the area, Bjark Silkfoot, with the understanding that he would use it to quietly control Moschtug’s more repulsive actions.

The next task before the Turbohorses was to find the Horror that had enchanted the Silk-Tailed Wailer, known as Harjarlifax, the Artificer of Dooms. They planned to negotiate a new contract with him to power the blade. On the way across Barsaive back to the badlands where his lair sat, they were attacked by Gate Hounds, a strange and terrible beast that eats magic. However, these gate hounds were no match for the heroes, and their livers provided much residuum.

Betrayal 2
August 7th, 2001

The PCs investigated the strange actions of Moschtug and his Fist of Fahd. They journeyed about the lands of Cara Fahd, and pieced together the tale that Moschtug and a group of great Ork heroes had recently shared a prophetic dream. That dream led the Ork adventurers to the ancient and derelict lair of the Great Dragon Flametalon (also known as Termize) where they found evidence that Moschtug was a direct descendant of the kings of old Cara Fahd. Termize had been interested in the Ork nation, but was slain before the Scourge in the events that caused the final collapse of old Cara Fahd.

Also the PCs were contacted by an agent of Krathis Gron, who told them that Moschtug was gathering dwarf beards as an ingredient in a version of Theran augmentation reagents that his forces could use at full effectiveness. This seemed implausible, but the PCs decided that a better course of action was to investigate the ancient lair of Termize and figure out if the evidence was accurate (they suspect it was planted and the dreams arranged by nefarious forces.)

To this end the PCs found the ancient ruins due to the encyclopedic historical knowledge of Molokhai. Just outside they were attacked by Rageborn Horrors, who posed a real danger with their powerful axe attacks and their horrid bellows. Once inside they faced an undead treant and its zombie allies in a courtyard.

Entering the lair proper, the PCs were suddenly confronted by the ghostly form of a dragon…

Betrayal 1
July 10th, 2011

After successfully rescuing the Blackheart Brotherhood, the PCs chose to venture to Cara Fahd, investigating the rumor of darker goings-on with the birth of the ork nation. They chose to travel to Cara Fahd through the Great Sword Valley, a shorter but perhaps more dangerous route than skirting the mountains on the north.

In the deep mountain valley the PCs were attacked by a drakkar of Bloodlore trolls. First the drakkar strafed the adventurers, firing arrows and thunderbolts down upon them. The PCs fired back and damaged the ship enough that it broke off the attack. Then a small group of trolls attacked, including a nethermancer. They were slain.

Further along the valley the PCs passed under the twin volcanoes of Death’s Eyes. Some of the ash spewed by the volcanoes was dangerously hot (a sort of pryoclastic cloud, though obviously not a full pyroclastic flow) which eliminated the PCs’ magical mounts. Then they were attacked by fire wraiths, the lost souls of previous adventurers turned to ash. This was briefly very dangerous, but the wraiths were slain very quickly.

Finally the party reached the end of the valley and the edge of the old territory of Cara Fahd. Visiting a village to get the lay of the land, they discovered a raiding party of ork scorchers sacking the town. After dispatching them they came to the horrible realization that the scorchers had been face-scalping the dwarves in the town.

Among these dwarves the PCs met Orsik. They used ritual magic to save him and a few others, but several more died. They learned that the dominant ork tribe in the area was the Fists of Fahd, led by the self-styled King of Cara Fahd, Moschtug. There had been no particular problem with the Fists until recently, when they started an aggressive campaign of finding and face-scalping dwarves. The PCs vowed to investigate this atrocity and started plotting how to kill Moschtug without his 400 strong army of orks noticing.

Lost in the Dreaming 3
June 26th, 2011

The strange shadow version of the Blackheart Liferock in the dreamworld turned out to be a trap for the Blackheart Brotherhood laid by the Nightmare Keeper, a unique and powerful creature that lives in dreams and feeds on nightmares.

The Nightmare Keeper had imprisoned the remaining souls of the Brotherhood in eerie crystalline spikes; torturing them. To battle her, the PCs could engage her directly, or free the faded remnants of the goliath, who would join the battle and provide aid.

The goliath in the spikes also could participate in the battle to a limited extent. They called the dream-Dawn, which burned everyone not in shadow, and willed various other parts of the battlefield to grant benefits to their rescuers.

The battle was long and hard. Cro-Mag called on the ancestors of his home liferock, and was joined in battle by a towering Aspect Of Rage. Together, they occupied the Nightmare Keeper while Petr slung battle-spells from afar. Tuzigoot and Molokhai, meanwhile, almost completely dedicated themselves to freeing trapped goliath, though Tuzigoot kept up a regular stream of dream manipulation to cause shafts of sunlight to burn the Nightmare Keeper.

Once the Keeper was slain, the PCs marshaled their considerable persuasiveness to convince the freed goliath that they were, in fact, real people, and could leave the dreamworld. Having restored the Blackheart Brotherhood, they discovered that the Thundersky moot and the Ironmonger moot were near going to war over the disappearance, each believing the other responsible. With the goliath’s return making it clear that this was not the case, the PCs were rewarded with many treasures by the grateful groups, including Stone Pendants, allowing the company to link their patterns to the Blackheart Brotherhood.

Lost in the Dreaming 2
June 12th, 2011

The PCs continued their journey through the land of dreams, seeking the lost Blackheart Brotherhood. Amongst the strange and shifting places and images, they entered their own memories of the great serpent temple of Serastis, where a group of barbed devils waited to attack them. The temple soon changed into the floating city of V’strimon, but the battle continued with the combatants hardly noticing.

Later the PCs found themselves wandering through caves of mirrored crystal, and facing the strange and enigmatic nerra. It became clear that the nerra in the cave with the PCs were the reflections, and their true foes were on the other side of the mirrors. Attacking through the mirrors, however, had a distressing tendency to break them and create more nerra.

Eventually the trail of the Blackheart Brotherhood led the PCs to the Dreamspace linked to the Ayodha Liferock, which the goliath had sought. However the space was corrupted and unusable, and the PCs were forced to withdraw.

Later the PCs battled a group of marut across a string of floating islands. Molokhai was slain in the battle, but remained in the Dreaming (as expected), but as an observer, able only to change the battlefield by his will alone. Once the marut were driven off, however, the dreamscape shifted and he was present once more.

Finally, the PCs arrived at what appeared to be their starting point; the dreamworld surrounding the Blackheart Liferock from whence they entered the Dreaming. However, it was clearly not the same place, and the liferock was surrounded by smaller crystalline formations of an unknown nature.

Lost in the Dreaming 1
May 29th, 2011

Fresh from their great successes in infiltrating the Triumph, the PCs were nonetheless saddened by the defeat of the Throalic army by Theran forces. After returning to Bartertown, they learned more detail of the tragic battle. Apparently the Therans called for a parley, but were simply using it as an underhanded method to attempt to kill King Neden.

Our brave adventurers then returned to Icewing for their reward, and got the Hammer of Nemar Firewalker Named by the great dragon. They then made plans to perform a series of personal missions. First they looked into the story of the Net of Dreams, learning about its past by using a ritual on the shores of Lake Ban.

Next they investigated the owners of the troll fetish they found in the badlands, and learned that it bears the moot-mark of the now defunct Skytoucher trollmoot. The few survivors of Skytoucher moot founded the Thundersky moot nearby, so the PCs journeyed across Barsaive to meet with them and present the fetish.

After some initial confusion over which ancient troll relic the PCs were returning (since they carry the shield Skyfury and the Hammer of Nemar Firewalker) the PCs were able to explain their purpose. The trolls, however, asked them to look into the mysterious disappearance of an entire goliath brotherhood that lived nearby, the Brotherhood of the Blackheart Liferock.

After some investigation the PCs determined that the Blackheart Brotherhood entered the liferock to travel through the deep dreaming to the Ayodha Liferock (now under the Triumph), as a request from Omasu of the Liferock Rebellion. Molokhai modified a goliath ritual so the PCs could follow them in and rescue them.

(The dreamworld has special rules)

The world of dreams was strange and shifting. In a great battle against ice devils from the nearby Astral Sea, the very force of gravity itself was random and fickle. Despite the benefits granted in dreams by the Net of Dreams, Molokhai found it difficult to master this strange space, though Tuzigoot seemed to do so naturally.

A Message In Bone 2
May 15th, 2011

The PCs had slain the Water Lane Gang, and thus were done with their business in the Burning Caves. However their curiosity and/or greed led them to try their hand at opening the vault which the Water Lane Gang had come to plunder, to see what great and powerful relics of a previous age had been stored away.

The lock proved moderately challenging to open, but with some persistence the PCs were able to achieve mental dominance over all eight runes at once, and open the vault. Inside they found a room with … guards? prisoners? … evil fire creatures, whom they slew.

Thus the treasure was theirs. The found The Standard of Glorious Battle and Storyteller.

Having accomplished this side task, it was time to deliver their macabre package to General Nikar at the Triumph. With some time to plan ahead, the PCs considered their options and invested in a few magic items to support their plan to sneak in to the fortress, and Cro-Mag made efforts to become more intimidating.

Just as these operations were wrapping up, the PCs learned that Throal was marching an army on the Triumph. When a Theran force sallied forth to meet them and avoid a siege, the PCs took the opportunity to move in with their unusual delivery.

Turns out, a combination of his study and magic made Cro-Mag a terrifying sight to behold. A mere glare and the guards parted for him almost all the way into the inner sanctum of the castle, and the operation was implemented without complications.

Unfortunately, on the way back to Bartertown, the PCs saw the aftermath of the battle between the Therans and the Throalic army, a battle which the Therans won handily.


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