Heroes of Barsaive

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti 3
November 14th, 2010

Further adventures in the Fortress of the Yuan Ti:
After resting briefly in the basement, our brave adventurers (and their temporary ally Kaalan) headed up towards the stairs the yuan ti abomination torturer was fleeing towards. Behind these was the center of the three towers visible outside the castle. It was occupied by a summoning wizard, who desperately tried to fill the battlefield with archons before dying, but failed.
The second floor of this tower contained magical portals to various unknown places. One led to one of the other towers, where the PCs found a room of dark worship, a reliquary of evil goodies, and battled cadaver baboons and a bone naga.
Returning to the center tower, the PCs then headed through the other portal, where they fought a strange batch of constructs, one of who’s most effective attack was to do nothing at all. Having spent an unusual amount of time without resting, the PCs then chose to withdraw back outside and accept the hospitality of the slaves for an extended rest.

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti 2
October 31st, 2010

After resting at the shrine of the Velos, the party decided to double back into the secret door and go back to the other branch, presumably on the lower floor. This passage emerged in a store room.

Emerging from the room, the PCs entered a large chamber with a trash pit. As is always the case in D&D, trash=otyugh, but this one was sleeping. The stealthy members of the party approached to try to kill the otyugh before it awoke.

In short order, a long a complicated battle began. The otyugh was dispatched with relative ease, due to its being surprised while asleep. However, adjacent to the trash room on this floor was a jail, staffed by a ghost jailer. He had powerful attacks that moved people partway into a demi-Ethereal plane with him, and could push people while simultaneously granting them phasing, so he could trap them in jail cells.

The fight ranged around with several people being trapped and freed from different cells, and other excitement, before the party slew the ghost, though he managed to drop Molokhai at the very end.

Searching the cells, the party met Kaalan, one of the Theran delegation they sought. From him, they learned that negotiations between the Therans and Yuan-Ti had broken down, and most of the Therans had been eaten. The Yuan-Ti apparently sought Lictor, a legendary weapon carried by Kaalan’s commander, for their magical experimentations. The party agreed to explore the castle with Kaalan, but planned to jump him and take him back to Throal for questioning later.

Also on this floor, the party found a supply of Theran Augmentation Reagents from the crew of the airship, usable to enhance weapons and armor in a variety of ways.

Then our heroes headed up the stairs and into the main hall they had avoided thus far. Here, they met a yuan-ti abomination torturer, a questor of Dis, and a fang titan (T. rex) skeleton. Fighting, and death, ensued, with the skeleton’s allies brutally savaged in the first few rounds of combat. The questor died having barely participated in the fight, and the torturer fled upstairs. Petr chased down and killed the torturer, while the rest of the party destroyed the skeleton.

As the session ended, the PCs withdrew back downstairs to rest briefly, with plans to continue upward in the castle, seeking more yuan-ti to kill.

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti 1
October 17th, 2010

Yet again, Throal asked for the help of our brave adventurers. King Neden was crowned after a brief internal dispute, and declared that he will seek vengeance against the Therans for murdering his father. In support of this, the PCs were asked to venture into the Servos jungle and prevent a possible alliance between the Therans and a group of yuan-ti.

Venturing into the jungle once more, the PCs braved many dangers, including a pack of displacer beasts and a raiding party of jungle t’skrang (several of whom slept through the entire battle, bewitched by Molokhai). Eventually, they came upon the yuan ti settlement.

Approaching the settlement, the PCs saw various Name-Giver slaves working in flooded fields. They advanced towards a great castle set into the side of a cliff, but met resistance. The slaves were controlled by Lieth, a naga skilled in lightning magic, and her dire snake pet Griffon-Eater. The PCs battled her and prevailed, despite Molokhai being gravely wounded early in the battle by Lieth’s continuous spark shots.

Freeing and befriending the slaves, the PCs then moved to enter the castle proper. The great doors seemed too obvious, so the PCs searched for and found a secret entrance at ground level. The corridor branched then wound up to the main level, where it emerged in a small room with a Velos druid and an evil shrine to nature spirits. Much violence ensued, first against the shrine (which bewitched PCs to lay offerings on it), then against the druid, who stood in a corner and cried. Fearful of interruptions during this battle, the PCs sealed the other doors out of the shrine room and into the castle proper, using Nails of Sealing.

Freedom of Trade
October 3rd, 2010

Returning to Throal with news of the air galleons to add to the fleet, the PCs picked up another task; journey to Travar to escort a shipment of magical weapons and supplies, which is coming by air but must travel over the deep Servos to avoid the air patrols around the Triumph.

Of course, the PCs faced similar problems in getting to Travar. Ultimately, they chose to travel down the Coil to Lake Ban, then go overland along the edge of the edge of the Thunder mountains. This trip was uneventful, save for an attack by the remnants of the Grim Legion group they had ousted from Hanto many months ago. The PCs firmly established that while they occasionally give second chances, they never give third chances at all.

Escorting the goods meant sitting around on an airship for long periods of boredom, broken only by an attack from a common jungle dragon, which was successfully driven off, and some esparaga, who the airship sailors managed to flee successfully.

Thus, the party returned to Throal, only to discover that the night before, King Varalus II had died, supposedly assassinated by Theran magic.

Air Galleons of Throal 3
September 19th, 2010

In the caves, the PCs were quickly set upon by zombie and wraith ogres, but dispatched them handily. Once the caves opened out some more, they found some of the old mining equipment, and entered an ambush by dwarf cadaver men, presumably the original air sailor crew.

Deeper in the caves, the PCs found the galleons, but discovered them occupied by more cadaver men and a dwarf lich. The lich and cadaver men were poised to rain down death on the PCs as they attempted to reach the deck of the flying ships, but Molokhai created an Arcane Gate and handily bypassed the problem, allowing his friends and allies to handle the lich without much difficulty.

A little more exploration revealed that the lich was the original commander of the contingent, and that he had turned himself into a lich and his crew into cadaver men himself to avoid them falling prey to a Horror that he believed had gotten into the cave.

Frustrated that the collapsed entrance meant that they could not bring a galleon back to the city, the PCs settled on descending from the mountains in one of the ship’s jollyboats.

Air Galleons of Throal 2
August 8th, 2010

The PCs located the abandoned dwarven mining town deep in the mountains. As they expected, it was occupied by a clan of ogres. The PCs slew a hunting party on the edge of town, then faced most of the rest of the combatant ogres in the town square, around a magical statue.

After slaying the leaders and warriors of the tribe, they pursued the women and children who had fled into the mountains, cutting each and every one of them down, along with their last few protectors.

Then, the PCs faced the caves where the airships were supposedly kept, and the unsettling appearance that the ogres were trying to barricade something inside…

Air Galleons of Throal 1
July 25th, 2010

Visiting Bartertown, the PCs checked in on Charboyya, whom they have worked for in the past. Charboyya got them in touch with his half-brother Pikasheu, a Throalic military administrator. Pikasheu had discovered evidence that some of Throal’s former air galleons, thought lost in the Scourge, may have been preserved in the mountains, but needed proof before the government would send an expedition.

Agreeing to seek such proof, the PCs ventured into the mountains, facing many perils. They fought a great bear near an ancient shrine with a trapped evil spirit, and later a monstrous remorhaz in a snowy pass.

Scouting the Behemoth
June 27th, 2010

As the PCs traveled through V’Strimon, the floating city on Lake Ban, they saw a terrible sight framed by the setting sun. A great Theran behemoth, a flying castle pre-dating the Scourge, landed directly atop Ayodha hill, instantly creating a power-base for Thera in the middle of Barsaive, and incidently occupying a sacred site to t’skrang and a goliath liferock at the same time.

Unsure of what to do about this, the PCs were still in the city when Theran efforts to mine True Water from Lake Ban caused a dimensional instability and a brief invasion of water archons. Their efforts in repelling the archons gave them an audience with the Shivalahala V’strimon, who granted them entrance into the V’strimon Pattern and asked them to scout the behemoth’s defenses and purpose.

The PCs studied the behemoth over the next several days, using stealth and deception to avoid the suspicion of the Theran troops. They learned much about the composition of the forces inside and their apparent purpose, and returned to V’strimon to report on this. House V’strimon, after careful consideration, was uninterested in taking direct action against the Therans or their new House K’tenshin allies, so the PCs left to return to Haven via Bartertown.

This was a single session adventure, based on the adventure seed “Scouting the Behemoth” in the book Prelude to War by FASA.

Killing Fegis Kul 3
June 13th, 2010

Having dealt with Ashenport, the PCs continued, searching for Fegis Kul’s camp. They found it, killed him and his slaver allies, then battled the mindmage From Across The Sea who he was secretly dealing with.

Last Breaths of Ashenport 3
May 30th, 2010

Killing the priests didn’t seem to be enough to end Dagon’s hold on the town, as the lure of the sea continued, so the PCs found some caves on the beach and killed a bunch of tentacled things there.


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