Heroes of Barsaive

Last Breaths of Ashenport 2
May 16th, 2010

Something wasn’t right in the town of Ashenport, as people were eaten by the sea and strange fish-people stalked the streets. The PCs traced the problems to the secret shrine to Dagon under the town temple, and killed most of the townspeople, who were probably all evil cultists anyway.

Killing Fegis Kul 2/Last Breaths of Ashenport 1
May 2nd, 2010

The PCs searched Urupa for slavers, then ventured down the coast of the Aras Sea seeking a slaver camp, but stumbled upon the strange town of Ashenport on the way.

Killing Fegis Kul 1
March 21st, 2010

This session dealt with the long travel to Urupa to investigate the clues to Fegis Kul’s whereabouts the party recently acquired.

Infected 2
February 21st, 2010

Learning of the strange powers of Aardelea, the PCs deduced the existence of a magic cave from first principles, found it and discovered its secrets, then utterly failed to convince the Grim Legion that all was well and so had to butcher them horribly.

Infected 1
February 7th, 2010

Hired to investigate the lack of communication from a savannah village, the PCs cross central Barsaive and discover the village under quarantine by the Grim Legion.

Return to Akarem 2
January 24th, 2010

The PCs returned to Bartertown having studied the Scepter and killed the behir living in the ruins of the village.

Return to Akarem 1
January 10th, 2010

The party returned to the ruins of the Akarem kaer to research the Scepter of Akarem the Mage-Builder, and found them occupied.

Dead Man's Hand
December 13th, 2009

Around Haven, notices were posted advertising the Carnival of the Dead, when the Cadaver Men living in the catacombs under Parlainth come into the city for one night. One of the PCs friends, Sendric, loses a bet and is obligated to join the cadaver men in undeath.

Armed with evidence of a plot against Twiceborn, Queen of the Dead, the PCs ventured into the catacombs to rescue him. Confronting the court of the Queen with the evidence, they provoked the revolution, slew the dissidents, and amused the Queen enough to free Sendric.

This was a one session adventure adapted from “Dead Man’s Hand” an adventure from the Parlainth Adventures book published by FASA.

Under The Fountain
November 29th, 2009

The PCs were given a tip by their best friend Sendric, who told them of potential riches hidden in the mechanisms that operate the Screaming Fountain in the center of Parlainth. On the journey down the laneways to the Fountain, the PCs were attacked by faerie dragons. Once in the catacombs, they found a lair of strange Horror constructs, including corrupt dwarves, gricks, and a grell, which they fought while standing on spinning gears. The promised cache was present, and contained a legendary shield Named Skyfury, as well as other riches.

This was a single session delve-style adventure, written as original material but inspired by details from the Parlainth boxed set published by FASA.

Heathen 3
November 1st, 2009

The terrible truth behind Jaryn’s disappearance is revealed, as the PCs plunge into the heart of an ancient temple to face the evil that lies within.


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