Blackheart Dreamworld Special Rules


While the sun is out, any creature exposed to the sun takes fire damage, and radiant damage. This happens at most once per turn.

  • You can keep the sun out longer with an Insight or Nature check as a minor action (at a cost of white vagueness).
  • While the sun is out, you can form its rays into a ranged attack with an Insight or Nature check as a standard action (at a cost of white and colored vagueness).


When the sun is not out, the shadows provide concealment. Any creature who ends their turn in shadow takes cold and necrotic damage.


These ancient timbers are worn smooth as benches, and cost one extra square of movement to cross. Hopping a timber requires an Athletics check; though not impossible, it is more difficult than it would seem.


The stones ringing this pit are difficult terrain. The faint glow of fire within is protective, not harmful.

The Arbor

The posts which hold up the arbor provide cover. The vines in the latticework constantly sprinkle motes of restorative energy down below them.

The Field

The field of crops is lightly obscured (concealment to non-adjacent targets). The plants within will sacrifice themselves to protect you from harm. If they do, you can restore them with an Insight or Nature check as a minor action (at a cost of white vagueness)

The Garden

The garden works as the field above, but it is not obscured, and it is difficult terrain.

The Buildings

The buildings provide sanctuary from the battle, and power to those who are willing to learn the secrets within. They are also the same building, in some fundamental way.

The Meditation Stones

These stones are used for goliath to practice their link to True Earth and stone. They do not affect movement. Standing adjacent (not on) them gives the gift of the goliath’s hardiness, but if they are called on to do too much, they may shatter and injure. If this happens, they can be restored with an Insight or Religion check as a minor action (at a cost of white vagueness).

The Pillars

The pillars contain the remnants of goliath dreamwalkers. If freed, they can provide great aid to you in your battle. To free a remnant, you may either coax it out by making a Religion, Nature, or Diplomacy check as a minor action, or by shattering the crystal. Coaxing out the spirit takes several successes, and runs the risk of the spirit becoming confused and despondent. Shattering the crystal may be done with any attack, and has a flat chance of success, but if the spirit is not consoled, it may flee.

Blackheart Dreamworld Special Rules

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