Heroes of Barsaive

Air Galleons of Throal 3

September 19th, 2010

In the caves, the PCs were quickly set upon by zombie and wraith ogres, but dispatched them handily. Once the caves opened out some more, they found some of the old mining equipment, and entered an ambush by dwarf cadaver men, presumably the original air sailor crew.

Deeper in the caves, the PCs found the galleons, but discovered them occupied by more cadaver men and a dwarf lich. The lich and cadaver men were poised to rain down death on the PCs as they attempted to reach the deck of the flying ships, but Molokhai created an Arcane Gate and handily bypassed the problem, allowing his friends and allies to handle the lich without much difficulty.

A little more exploration revealed that the lich was the original commander of the contingent, and that he had turned himself into a lich and his crew into cadaver men himself to avoid them falling prey to a Horror that he believed had gotten into the cave.

Frustrated that the collapsed entrance meant that they could not bring a galleon back to the city, the PCs settled on descending from the mountains in one of the ship’s jollyboats.


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