Heroes of Barsaive

Blood Pact

August 23rd, 2009

The PCs were passing the Map Wall in Haven when they heard a cry for help. A little girl, Jezra, clutches the unconscious body of her brother, Jasom. Jasom, she says, fell asleep after touching a newly painted addition to the Wall.

Examining the boy and the painting, Molokhai foolishly touched it himself, and immediately fell into a deep slumber as well. Fortunately, the dwarf Orsik, adventurer and Questor of Floranuus, happened by to help the PCs, and temporarily joined the party.

Shortly, the PCs found the children’s mother, Audra (Orsik showed great interest in her after learning that her husband had been killed in the ruins a year ago), and traced the source of the painting to Sekra, a t’skrang troubador. Sekra was quite mad, but through patient questioning, they learned that the t’skrang had encountered a Horror in the city, and was forced to return and leave its blood on the Map Wall as a trap. However, in an act of rebellion, Sekra painted the location of the Horror’s lair.

Subdued by the news that other members of Jasom’s family were caught by the curse through their blood ties, the PCs ventured into the city. They encountered a few of the typical dangers of a walk through the city, then came to the lair of the Mindtrap.

The blood of the Mindtrap causes Name-Givers to fall into a deep sleep where they battle their darkest fear. Unfortunately, as practically the first act of the battle, Petr used The Fang of Mount Bloodfire to flense the Mindtrap, spraying blood all over his allies. This overcame Cro-Mag, who dreamed of fighting Fegis Kul.

The wakeful PCs fought the Mindtrap while Cro-Mag took bloody vengeance on the dream Fegis Kul, and the adventurers triumphed. Molokhai and Ardra and her children recovered, and Orsik angled for a more personal reward.

This was a single session adventure, based on “Blood Pact”, an adventure published in Parlainth Adventures from FASA.


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