Heroes of Barsaive

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti 1

October 17th, 2010

Yet again, Throal asked for the help of our brave adventurers. King Neden was crowned after a brief internal dispute, and declared that he will seek vengeance against the Therans for murdering his father. In support of this, the PCs were asked to venture into the Servos jungle and prevent a possible alliance between the Therans and a group of yuan-ti.

Venturing into the jungle once more, the PCs braved many dangers, including a pack of displacer beasts and a raiding party of jungle t’skrang (several of whom slept through the entire battle, bewitched by Molokhai). Eventually, they came upon the yuan ti settlement.

Approaching the settlement, the PCs saw various Name-Giver slaves working in flooded fields. They advanced towards a great castle set into the side of a cliff, but met resistance. The slaves were controlled by Lieth, a naga skilled in lightning magic, and her dire snake pet Griffon-Eater. The PCs battled her and prevailed, despite Molokhai being gravely wounded early in the battle by Lieth’s continuous spark shots.

Freeing and befriending the slaves, the PCs then moved to enter the castle proper. The great doors seemed too obvious, so the PCs searched for and found a secret entrance at ground level. The corridor branched then wound up to the main level, where it emerged in a small room with a Velos druid and an evil shrine to nature spirits. Much violence ensued, first against the shrine (which bewitched PCs to lay offerings on it), then against the druid, who stood in a corner and cried. Fearful of interruptions during this battle, the PCs sealed the other doors out of the shrine room and into the castle proper, using Nails of Sealing.


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