Heroes of Barsaive

Freedom of Trade

October 3rd, 2010

Returning to Throal with news of the air galleons to add to the fleet, the PCs picked up another task; journey to Travar to escort a shipment of magical weapons and supplies, which is coming by air but must travel over the deep Servos to avoid the air patrols around the Triumph.

Of course, the PCs faced similar problems in getting to Travar. Ultimately, they chose to travel down the Coil to Lake Ban, then go overland along the edge of the edge of the Thunder mountains. This trip was uneventful, save for an attack by the remnants of the Grim Legion group they had ousted from Hanto many months ago. The PCs firmly established that while they occasionally give second chances, they never give third chances at all.

Escorting the goods meant sitting around on an airship for long periods of boredom, broken only by an attack from a common jungle dragon, which was successfully driven off, and some esparaga, who the airship sailors managed to flee successfully.

Thus, the party returned to Throal, only to discover that the night before, King Varalus II had died, supposedly assassinated by Theran magic.


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