Heroes of Barsaive

Heathen 1

October 4th, 2009

While passing through Lake Vors on the way home from Iopos, the PCs discovered a refugee camp in a village on the lake. Bandits assaulted the camp, but the PCs rallied to drive them off. They were then approached by a group of acolytes of the Light of the Sun (a collective of Questors to various Passions who work for truth, mercy, and justice.) From them, they learned of a threat to the area from a hobgoblin and mixed race army/cult of Raggok, known as the Hand of Naarash.

Furthermore, a Questor of the Light of the Sun, Jaryn, had recently disappeared pursuing the home of the cult. The PCs were asked to find Jaryn and stop the cult. Of course, they accepted.

The PCs searched the settlements of the area for signs of Jaryn, and the “Black March”, a trail that leads into the mountains where the cult lives. Eventually, after fighting off more cultists and meeting a group of cult doppelgangers at the trailhead, the PCs were on the correct track, and plunged deeper in to the wilderness.


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