Heroes of Barsaive

Heathen 2

October 18th, 2009

Along the Black March and deep in the wilderness, the PCs discovered the fortified city of Adakmai, the last stronghold against the Hand of Naraash in the area. They were advised against staying on the Black March trail itself, due to the heavy presence of hobgoblin patrols this close to the Hand’s base camp.

Instead, the PCs hired a moonboat to take them up the river, captained by a taciturn dwarf and pulled upstream by tethered dire pike. The journey was dangerous, including an ambush by one of Jaryn’s former companions, now turned to the service of Raggok, but eventually the PCs reached the main cultist camp, set in a valley just below a great and ancient temple built into the mountainside.

In order to infiltrate the temple, the PCs entered the camp as cultist aspirants and made swift efforts to prove themselves worthy of a full initiation. However, just as they achieved this, a surviving doppelganger from their previous encounter entered the camp and recognized them. The PCs fled into the temple itself and closed the massive gates, which magically sealed themselves.


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