Heroes of Barsaive

Scouting the Behemoth

June 27th, 2010

As the PCs traveled through V’Strimon, the floating city on Lake Ban, they saw a terrible sight framed by the setting sun. A great Theran behemoth, a flying castle pre-dating the Scourge, landed directly atop Ayodha hill, instantly creating a power-base for Thera in the middle of Barsaive, and incidently occupying a sacred site to t’skrang and a goliath liferock at the same time.

Unsure of what to do about this, the PCs were still in the city when Theran efforts to mine True Water from Lake Ban caused a dimensional instability and a brief invasion of water archons. Their efforts in repelling the archons gave them an audience with the Shivalahala V’strimon, who granted them entrance into the V’strimon Pattern and asked them to scout the behemoth’s defenses and purpose.

The PCs studied the behemoth over the next several days, using stealth and deception to avoid the suspicion of the Theran troops. They learned much about the composition of the forces inside and their apparent purpose, and returned to V’strimon to report on this. House V’strimon, after careful consideration, was uninterested in taking direct action against the Therans or their new House K’tenshin allies, so the PCs left to return to Haven via Bartertown.

This was a single session adventure, based on the adventure seed “Scouting the Behemoth” in the book Prelude to War by FASA.


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